Hey there,
Product designer & data lover based in Tel Aviv.
Currently working for Power BI Mobile @Microsoft
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I'm Polina
Power BI Mobile
Dark mode iOS
Improving the experience for our users by allowing them to switch between the different modes, and to be the first BI application to have this feature. Leveraging the Dark mode feature to create a better workflow for our design system both for engineers and users, following by aligning old components, colors and experiences, and create high accessibility standard.
Power BI SaaS
Power BI Playground
The playground is a platform for Developers and Decision-makers to explore PBI Embedded features & capabilities.
My work was to redesign the whole experience, understanding the current problems, creating user journeys, conducting research, and validating our designs.
Power BI Mobile
Navigation tree
Solving the complexity of data overload by creating an easy experience for user to interact and navigate between different data pages. This allows users to find and consumer their content, learn about locations and indicaton
Power BI Mobile
On-boarding experience
Create an easier experience for the on-boarding of the user, making the sign-in experience simpler, faster, and delightful. I took this opportunity to align our old pages and components to our current design system and new OS patterns.
Marketing campaigns
Working on both Marketing & Products teams. Collaborating with different co-workers in other devisions and providing Designs for responsive landing pages, creating concepts for marketing and
promotions. Research, UX, UI and prototypes for other projects within the company.
Miscellaneous Archive
Illustrations, Motion, Data-vis
As a full-stack designer, some of my works including illustrations, motion design, creating storyboards, editing video, branding, packaging, and much more...
Here you can find other stuff that is not directly related to Product design, but more of studies, exploration, education, and just fun.
I combine my knowledge in different fields and aspects of Design:
Illustration, Motion, Microanimations, GUI, Prototyping, Research, in order to create a holistic experience across products.
I am also familiar with HTML and CSS.
Data enthusiast
I love working with data, numbers & tables. I believe we should use data to track engagements, measure success, and use it to improve both the product and our work in Design & Engineering.
My work always includes numbers and telemetrics.
Community Building
I helped to create multiple communities in the design field, conducting events, engaging internal & external audiences via email, social marketing techniques.
Some of the initiatives:
Microsoft ILDC Design community
Community developer for OFFFTLV 2019
I aspire to create accessible experiences for as many users as possible by adhering to best practices and accessibility guidelines. From color contrast to screen readers, tab order, and components definition.
Customer journeys
A user journey is the breadth of our work. Understanding user path, obstacles, pain-points, their delights, and happy moments. Creating a user journey helps me to dive deep into user interactions and solve their deepest struggles.
For the last 2 years, I've been creating experiences for different platforms, OS & devices. From iOS, Android, Windows, to Web patterns and guidelines focusing on aligned experiences for different sizes and design-languages.
Contact me ;)
For work, commissions, inquiries etc. please get in touch

Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram
palinapol@gmail.com‚Äč / Phone: +(972)54-221-4469
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